3 best ways to experience Dolphins in Key West

You’ll never run out of things to do in Key West, and if you’re heading down through the Keys in search of doing absolutely nothing, you can do that too! It’s hard to believe that this tiny island city is the epicenter for so many amazing activities. Whatever your interests, Key West is sure to have something to thrill you. And there is nothing more thrilling than being able to come face to nose with world’s most curious sea creature. The Atlantic bottlenose dolphin has long been the unofficial symbol of Florida for centuries. Any trip to the Keys, whether you’re traveling alone, in a group, or with your family, should include a memorable swim with dolphins key west experience. We’ve got three fantastic swim with dolphins key west tour excursions to choose from, so before you book, find out why these are the top dolphin excursions in Key West.

Wild Dolphin Sail & Snorkel Adventure

This excursion combines two of the most beloved activities in the Florida Keys, sailing the high seas and swimming with dolphins. This elaborate swim with dolphins key west excursion sweeps guests away on the the Echo 2, the only catamaran in Key West that caters specifically to dolphin experiences. If you’re not a fan of huge crowds, this is the excursion for you. Though the Echo 2 is certified to carry twenty-eight souls, you get to enjoy it at half the capacity, which means there’s plenty of room to lay out and enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Sail around jewel like tropical islands, through the National Wildlife Refuge and up the coast of beautiful Key West where a local pod of playful dolphins call the region home. Enjoy an intimate view of dolphins caring for their young, hunting, feeding and playing with one another. This organic dolphin experience is not your average swim with dolphins key west experience. The emphasis is viewing them from afar, and once you stop to snorkel along the reef, you may be visited by a playful stranger. Enjoy some of the best snorkeling anywhere in the world, sumptuous snacks and refreshments, and a wonderful day out on the water.

Wild Dolphin Encounter and Snorkel

This popular swim with dolphins key west experience is a family favorite. Much like the Wild Dolphin Sail and Snorkel adventure, the The Wild Dolphin Encounter provides guests with the unique opportunity to experience dolphins in their natural habitat, rather than in an enclosure. An onboard guide will enlighten you about the life under beneath the ocean’s surface, and give you some insight into why these sentient beings are so beloved. After you’ve watched and interacted with these clowns of the sea, your tour drops anchor along coral reef gardens where you strap on the snorkeling gear provided, and enjoy the wonders of the reef. The tepid, shallow waters are the perfect environment for novice snorkelers and families with children. Enjoy intimate encounters with everything from dolphin to sea sponges on this magnificent four hour excursion.

Key West Ocean Vue Snorkel and Dolphin Encounter

Rated as one of the top excursions in all of Key West, the Ocean Vue Snorkel and Dolphin Encounter is perfect for guests of all ages. This swim with dolphins key west adventure not only provides guests with the opportunity to view and interact with dolphins in their natural habitat, but with the impressive 6 x 9 foot viewing glass bottom allows anyone and everyone to enjoy a window into the crystalline waters of the Gulf of Mexico without ever having to dangle a toe in the water! There is of course, snorkeling gear provided so you can experience the underwater world first hand. Enjoy your thrilling journey on this state-of-the-art Hydrofoil, have your camera ready, but you’re going to want to capture this once in a lifetime swim with dolphins key west adventure.