Places to Stop in on Duval Street

Here are some of our favorite places to stop in and escape the Caribbean heat. Cool off and do some shopping or stop in for a cocktail at one of these interesting places, all located on Duval St, Key West.


Whether you own a business or simply want something to display in your windows at home, Montage is a place you can go to get signs of all shapes and sizes. Many of them are already made, and you usually won’t find one that is like another, but the store can make personalized signs. From military to collectibles, you can find just about everything on a sign at Montage.

Fast Buck Freddies

When looking for things to do in Key West, you can explore this fun shop that sells a little bit of everything. Find a decoration for the outside of your home or a souvenir to remember your trip to Key West. There is an abundance of furniture as well as all sizes of clothing. You can splurge and get expensive items like statues, or save a little money and go for something cheaper like a shirt with a fun phrase on the front.

Route 1

This is another store in Key West that sells a little bit of everything. There is not one particular item that the store sells. Instead, you can go inside and find small trinkets, beach towels or books. The store offers embroidering on shirts and other items. One of the best things about this store is that the staff doesn’t pressure you to purchase anything. They are there to answer questions about the multitude of items they have in stock.

Angelina's Pizza

If you are looking for a pizza restaurant as one of the things to do in Key West, then consider Angelina's. You walk up to the counter and pay for a slice or two, or you can get a full pizza to share with friends. The crust is thin, and the sauce is not thick. Plenty of room is available to sit outside if you want to view others walking on the street, or you can enjoy the quiet of the inside of the restaurant.

Besame Mucho

You won’t leave this store without smelling terrific. It is a place that sells some of the best fragrances possible on Duval St that have a touch of the islands. You can also find other body care products like lotions of all scents. The store also sells some items for the home that you might not see anywhere else. It is a popular location to look for special gifts for family and friends.

Local Color

While you are in Key West, you might want to wear something that is light and airy so that you are cool in the sunshine. Find everything you need from dresses to colorful shirts in one place. Items are comfortable, stylish and affordable, all of the things that you want while shopping. Other products in the store include jewelry that is handcrafted using beautiful stones. There are two stores in the area of the same name, but only one carries jewelry.