Dining Out in Delicious Key West

Is there really such thing as too much of a good thing? We don’t think so, especially when it comes to the number of activities, entertainment venues and places to eat in the tiny island city of Key West. Isn’t it far better to be spoiled for choice than slim pickings? Of course! However, because we don’t want you wasting the better part of your vacation trying to figure out where to eat (because let’s face it, you have better things to do!), we’ve got a handful of restaurants that you may want to try while you’re here in town:


Who doesn’t love Italian? Throw that in with a dash of Mediterranean, and you have yourself a recipe for delicious success. Antonia’s has been a fixture on the Key West landscape for the last 30 years, and is not not only a favorite of returning tourists, but a beloved hot spot for locals. Handmade pasta decorates the windows every morning, eventually plated by Chef Christopher Round in his renown three course menu. Menu favorites include Carpaccio made with delicately sliced beef tenderloin, served with arugula and delicious pecorino cheese - Hungry yet? Or how tender ossa bucco with sauteed vegetables. The wine list is impressive, bursting with regional Italian vintages, and the ambiance intimate and cozy.

Blue Heaven Restaurant

Once a quiet lunch cafe in 1992, the Blue Heaven has burgeoned into a full-service eatery attracting roving crowds of hungry diners daily. Nestled in an historic, century-old building that was once home to a pool hall, ice cream parlour and of course, a bar where Hemingway would referee boxing matches. Today, the funky retro interior, wonderfully eclectic artwork and myriad pieces of furniture that purposely don’t match, make for a fun and memorable meal.


If it’s a great steak you’re after, Michael’s is the place to be. Hidden away on a back street in Old Town, the decor is often described as homey. The intimate wooden bar, quaint covered patio, lush garden-like setting and vintage wine display rack are just the sort of touches that add to its charm and allure. The atmosphere is casual, and if you’re not feeling a heavy meal, order off of the light menu where you’ll find significantly smaller portions of everything available on the regular menu!


There is no better place in the world to get yourself a Mango Colada, anywhere in the world, than Mangoes. On the corner of Duval Street, you can’t miss the canopied courtyard, a perfect place to sip a (signature Mango Colada of course), and watch the world go by. There are unique little touches everywhere like a tropical garden, a zebra fountain and a great little back bar, hidden away from the prying eyes off the street. There are plenty of locals who come by, and menu items include Andalusian Chilled Gazpacho and bacon-wrapped scallops will keep your appetite sated. The cocktails are creative and sumptuous, including the homemade sangria and key lime mojitos. If you’re looking a fun night spot, Mangoes transforms into a funky bar on Saturday nights.