Fantasy Fest

Every year, Key West is the host to one of the most fun adult-themed festivals in the United States, where adults can unleash any inhibitions, and go to great parties every night of the week, while families still have lots to do and attend with plenty of family friendly events happening everywhere too. Most people dress up in costumes, and some people prefer to wear only body paint. Known as one of the biggest attractions in Key West, Fantasy Fest has something for everyone to enjoy.

Every day for nine days out of October, parties are thrown all across Key West with different themes, but most are very sexy. This festival also includes the Annual Haunting of Fort Taylor, where guests get to explore 3 parts of the fort that are not usually open to the public. This Fort will have some scares added to the fun to get everyone in the Hallow’s Eve spirit.

Bahama Village Goombay Festival is another popular festival within Fantasy Fest that showcases island art, music, and food in the historic neighborhood, and is a family-friendly event during Fantasy Fest (not the easiest thing to find), and it’s free. If you’re more of the athletic type and love running in 5Ks, the Heroes and Villains Run/Walk 5K is a perfect choice. What could be better than dressing up as a favorite hero or villain and competing to cross a finish line? And the best part is that prizes are awarded for most creative, scariest, funniest and best group costumes, so be sure to have fun with it!

Get dressed up in your favorite costume, and go wild! Everyone here for Fantasy Fest is here for a good time, and to go wild. Some of the parties at Fantasy Fest change from year to year, but the idea behind them stay the same. For example, an ABC Party (Anything But Clothes Party) or Pimp and Ho Party are a great party to attend that requires some creativity in what you will wear and can give some nostalgia to college parties. A few parties that have been going for a long time is the Fogarty’s Red Party, or the famous Sloppy Joe’s Toga Annual Toga Party (running on 31 years now).

Hugh Hefner, Mr. Playboy himself, is inviting everyone to his Pajama and Lingerie Party, and is calling all Hef and Marilyn Monroe look-alikes to enter his contest for the chance to win $700. Going to have your furry, feathery, or scaly friend with you? Participate in the Pet Masquerade and Parade with them dressed up, and benefit the Lower Keys Friend of Animals.

It has been said that the main fun happens on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday before Fantasy Fest ends. Some main parades and events that have been a collective favorite amongst Fantasy Festers is the Fantasy Fest Street Fair, the Masquerade March, and the Annual Headdress Ball at the Southernmost Hotel on the Beach.