Key West Annual SMART Ride

The Key West Annual SMART Ride is the ultimate do-good while feeling good fundraising event in South Florida. If there are any cyclists out there, or anyone who loves outdoor activities, while making the world a better place, than the Key West SMART Ride is for you! Anyone can join on this incredible journey and help raise awareness for AIDS and HIV.

The SMART ride is a 2-day event that runs 165 miles, all the way from Miami and ends in Key West. Riders will experience becoming a part of a team, working together to make a difference in the lives of those who are living with the virus in Florida. The annual SMART ride is trying to raise awareness to get the public to see that this virus does not discriminate against age, race, gender or sexual orientation, and can hurt anyone of us or loved ones.

This is a unique fundraiser in that the foundation guarantees every penny from fundraising efforts will go to AIDS Service Foundation, and ensures that it goes directly to those living and affected by the virus. Another cool factor of this fundraiser is that riders raising money have some control of how the funds the rider has raised is distributed and to which AIDS Service Organizations from the ones listed through the Key West SMART Ride website.

Since 2003, the Key West SMART Ride has raised over $5.3 million for AIDS Service Foundations. This charity event is usually held in November, and is the 2nd largest cycling event for AIDS in the country. It is the only AIDS bicycling fundraiser to give back 100% of the proceeds, and the average rider raises a little over $2,000. People from all over the United States, and even all over the world come to ride in this event. Some of them are HIV positive, some know someone living with the virus, or some may have lost someone they love to it, but the important part of it all is that they come together for cause, because it is the right thing.

The SMART Ride founders designed the fundraisers to live up to the standards of their values. These values include Transparency, Stewardship, Empowerment, and Collaboration. This has been proven to be a healthy way to maximize resources and outreach for the community has been very supportive of the growing event.

After attending the 2-day ride that will end in Key West, try looking at the many things to do in Key West and cool off in the ocean by picking one of the many Key West snorkeling tours.