Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory

The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory has been rated a must-see of Key West, and is enjoyable for anyone of any age group. Family friendly, or romantic, this butterfly garden has it for everyone’s vacation. Located right on Duval Street in Key West, this easy location makes it one of the most convenient stops to make while sight-seeing.

This peaceful sanctuary is home to more than 50 types of species of butterflies from all around the globe, and over 209 species of exotic birds. Visitors walk through the climate-controlled, glass encasement that acts as a safe sanctuary for these animals as the coexist with each other. In this area, guests have the chance to walk through and interact in this wonderful ecosystem, and may even have the chance to have a butterfly stop to take a rest on their shoulders, head, or arms.

Kids will enjoy The Learning Center of the conservatory, which will educate them in more details about the physiology, lifecycle, migratory habits of the Monarch. It also offers the rare chance for guests to get a glimpse of the caterpillars’ lives, and see their eating habits and how their transformation into a beautiful butterfly begins. The Learning Center also has a 15-minute movies that helps discover the life cycle and basic facts about butterflies that should not be missed.

The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory also is home to the Butterfly Gallery, where visitors can purchase artwork to take home. Sam Trophia has used his imagination for over 30 years to create some of the most whimsical works of art to ever exist by using butterflies that had completely lived out their lives. Sam’s work stand for the importance and the diversity the tropical rain forests of the world have on the planet, and why it’s so important to preserve their habitat. The Gallery was made a reality in 1992, and Sam’s fusion of science and art, has been on displayed for viewing pleasures and purchase ever since.

To see these butterflies and birds on a Key West vacation, take a look at our Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory tour, and reserve tickets for the whole family today.