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Rise & Reef Morning Snorkel


  • Morning Snorkel Trip to the Lush Key West Coral Reef Ecosystem
  • Light Breakfast Including Coffee, Juices, Cereal, Muffins and Fresh Fruit
  • Complimentary Soft Drinks, Water, and Draft Beer

Tour Summary

The Rise & Reef Morning Snorkel tour is the perfect way to start your day in sunny Key West, Florida! The tour departs at 9AM every morning, allowing our guests to take in that mild morning sun as it creeps up the sky on the horizon. There are two times that are the best to be out at sea: in the morning and at sunset. For Key West vacationers, we highly suggest waking up early at least one of the days during your visit to take advantage of the great activities and quiet beauty of a Key West morning.


When it comes to morning activities, the Rise & Reef Morning Snorkel is the best way to go. This relaxing and unforgettable morning snorkel tour takes you out to sea on a comfortable and state-of-the-art sailing catamaran vessel. Find the perfect spot on the various areas and decks to take in the warmth and beauty of a Key West morning. We offer you a light breakfast as we head to our destination, the Key West coral reef gardens. There are dozens of excellent spots along the extensive coral reef gardens of Key West that we can go to. We will take you to the best spot based on that morning's conditions. We offer complimentary snorkeling gear and teach you the best techniques for using that gear. Before you know it, you and your group will be swimming at the surface of the water as you peer down beneath at the vibrant world of the coral reef gardens. Keep your eyes peeled for all kinds of reef fish such as angelfish and parrotfish, and countless other regular guests such as spiny lobster, sea turtles, eels, and much more!


After the adventure of snorkeling at the reef, it is time to head back to Key West. On the ride back, we offer you complimentary draft beer, soft drinks and water.

Do you have to know how to swim to snorkel?

While you do not have to be an excellent swimmer to snorkel, you DO have to feel comfortable in the water. Life jackets are provided for all guests and this boat has a floating safety line behind the boat to make swimming easier for less experienced swimmers.

It is your responsibility to make sure you are aware of and understand all restrictions pertaining to this tour before booking online or over the phone. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are medically qualified and within any limits listed below in order to participate in this activity. No refunds will be given to those who reserve a spot and can not participate due to the restrictions listed below. For more information please read our cancellation policy and terms and conditions page or call our staff with any questions regarding your ability to participate.

  • Complimentary draft beer only provided after snorkeling

Key West Vacation is always interested in your tour experience with us. We hope you enjoyed your tour and love to hear comments.

Bob Smith

I have been to the Bahamas many times, but Rise & Reef Morning Snorkel is one of my favorite trips! It includes everything that everyone should do here. As a Bahamas veteran, I can say only the best about this experience!

Jim Peters

Thanks to the professional guides! I was a bit worried about kayaking because I had never done it before, but the instructions were great and I had such a good time!

Richard Dixon

The best way to discover nature! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)