Spas in Key West

Key West is a beautiful city in Florida, complete with beaches, shopping centers and attractions. And with all the salons, boutiques and spas around in the city, you can discover your inner and outer beauty through relaxed pampering. Here are 7 of the best spas in the city, and what they have to offer.

  1. Hyatt Key West Resort and Spa- This fancy hotel is a great place to come for some relaxation and charming spa treatment. With many amenities surrounding the resort such as a swimming pool with a poolside bar, its own private beach, marvelous room service or restaurant, and of course the on-site spa, this is one of Key West's best places to get some personal treatment and attention, whether you want a hot stone massage or a body scrub.
  2. The Solar Spa- One of the best places to go to prepare for a special event like a wedding, there is no end to the beauty and relaxation treatment you can get here. For every Key West bride getting ready for her big day, she'll become and feel the part before the day of the wedding when she comes and pampers herself up with splendid facial treatments, hair and makeup fun, manis and pedis to look all pretty, and of course some loosening up massages to wash away any tension from the wedding planning. The Solar Spa gives every one a taste of what it's like to make time for yourself.
  3. All About You Salon- Ready for some serious pampering? Well you won't be able to get enough of it when you come to this excellent Key West salon and day spa. You can enjoy hours of service as you get a mud wrap, a non-surgical facelift, a good ol' massage, some great hair and nail care and so much more! You can come in for just one treatment at a time, or enjoy one of their packages and have several hours of joyous bliss. Let the pampering begin!
  4. Ocean Key Resort and Spa- Spending a few days in this lovely resort with a private oceanside pool and beautiful balconies for watching the sunsets, you'll never want to leave. So many activities to evoke your relaxation, from the day spa, swimming, time at the bar and some great sun deck pampering from the concierge. Finish your day on the waterfront restaurant and watch in wonder as the sun goes down over the ocean in a beautiful end to a perfect holiday.
  5. Isle Style- This wonderful salon, spa and boutique has everything a man or woman needs to relax and feel pampered. When you come to this lovely beautification corner, you can enjoy its island-like atmosphere and cozy nuance when you splurge on body scrubs, facial masks, nail care and hair styles. When you're finished with your body treatment, take a little jaunt over to their boutique and get yourself some new clothes, accessories and personal care items to complete your fresh and new look. Whether you want to spend the weekend after a long week's work, or go there on a honeymoon and get duel treatments, you'll have plenty of opportunities to relax and melt your cares away.
  6. Casa Marina Resort and Beach Club- Spending a weekend at this old timey hotel with its blend of contemporary facilities and decor is just the right kind of getaway from the monotony of everyday work. The location is perfect as it is within walking distance of the Key West beach, several historical houses and the aquarium. Everything about this resort just exudes pleasure and relaxation, from the attractions to the accomodations to the lovely spa treatment you can receive. You can find yourself relaxing in the comfort of the resort's amenities, or enjoying a night on the town after an afternoon of revitalizing spa treatment with the on-site facilities.
  7. Pier House Resort and Caribbean Spa Hotel- Enjoy some relaxation in between trips to the cafe at this beautiful hotel that is designed to give you just the right amount of You Time. The Spa at this hotel has multiple body treatments and various massages, including Hot Stone Massages, Thai Massages and Swedish Massages. Take some time to sweat out all your worries in the steam room right before a cooling dip in the pool. Ready to take a break from the beauty treatment? There's plenty of time for the nearby activities such as skydiving, fishing, golfing and sailing.