The beauty of Key West from the air, land & sea

Key West may be many things, but boring certainly isn’t one of them! I challenge you to find a moment during your time here where you can sit and wonder what to do in Key West. It’s impossible. With the the array of key west activities on offer, from the budget conscious to the extravagant, there is something for absolutely everyone who comes here. Once you arrive, it’s easy to see why beauty of Key West has captivated so many over the decades, including literary greats like the beloved Earnest Hemingway. But just in case you’re feeling a tad overwhelmed by the choices, here are a few ideas to get the imagination firing!

Key West from the Air

Key West is world renown not just for its geographical location, but also for its distinctive architecture, distinctive only to this region, it’s cuisine, friendly locals and its laid back island feel. But sometimes, you need to get above it all to truly appreciate its beauty, and there are a couple of ways to do that. Strap in, hold your breath and let an experienced guide float you up 600 feet into the air. Parasailing is one of the most popular things to do in Key West and gives you the thrill of a bird’s eye view with the opportunity to share the experience with someone you love! That’s right, you can tandem parasail, or even go up in threes! If floating 600 feet isn’t quite high enough, Key West plane tours often appear on ‘what to do in Key West’ bucket lists. Key West pilots are often ex military, with decades of experience, and boatloads of local knowledge so if there was anything you ever wanted to know, these guides know what they’re talking about!

Key West on Land

Before you head up into the atmosphere or out onto the ocean, there are a number of incredible things to see and experience on shore. The history of Key West is as long as it is fascinating, and if you’re wondering what to in Key West that doesn’t involve jumping in the water, or soaring to uncomfortable heights, there are any number of historic sites to explore. Take an afternoon and check out the Harry S. Truman Little White House. The Little White House, site of various important presidential business, including the Cuban Missile stand-off, is a visitor favorite and must see for any history buff. If you have a special interest in maritime history, Key West is home to some of the most dramatic shipwreck sites in the world, and none document them as well as the Shipwreck Historeum Museum. These are just a few of the interesting sites you can visit on land.

Key West By Sea

Dive and snorkeling enthusiasts from around the world know what to do in Key West, because they know full well that Key West is home to the largest natural coral reef in the continental United States. Not only is there a reef nearby, with over 300 species of fish and 55 different coral varieties, but there is a string of shipwrecks that form an underwater heritage park! With several snorkeling and diving tours available to the most discerning of diving enthusiasts, Key West is an obvious choice for lovers of the sea. You don’t have to jump in the sea to appreciate it, instead, try your hand at sailing on any number cruises leaving from Old Town Key West. Let the warm Caribbean breeze be you guide and enjoy an afternoon or two basking in the Floridian sunshine.

These are but a small sampling of the full scale of Key West offerings, all meant to give you an idea of what to do in Key West. Whether you see from the air, on land, on the sea, or all three, Key West will capture the imagination and leave you with wonderful tropical memories.