Weddings in Key West

Picture this: There's a gentle breeze blowing in from the nearby ocean that cools the hot weather to a near-perfect temperature. Palm trees with purple orchids adorn the scene acting as natural decorations. The white sand on the beach is soft and the water nearby pristine and sparkly in a ray of sunshine. The joyous, peaceful atmosphere is both relaxing and exuberant. There is a couple in the middle of it all, holding hands, exchanging vows, the woman wearing a simple but beautiful white dress. It's her wedding day and this is her picture-perfect wedding.

Where is this serene and romantic wedding taking place? It is a place right here in the United States. A place that is full of beauty, intrigue, adventure, romance and amazing scenery. It is a place more and more couples are choosing for their destination wedding because they want their special day to be remembered for years to come. These couples know that in order to make it a truly memorable event, they need to have their wedding in a truly memorable place. This is why many couples are choosing Key West as their wedding destination.

Key West is an island just off the tip of Florida and is sometimes referred to as the Key to the Carribean. It lies right between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean and consists of both Old Town and New Town.

One huge advantage of planning a wedding here is that temperatures rarely get below 80 degrees F. In fact, While the rest of the United States is experiencing winter, the Florida Keys have never experienced freezing temperatures, let along a frost. However, for outdoor weddings, one might want to keep in mind that the rainy season runs from May to October. It is also nice to know that while Florida is infamous for hurricanes, the brutal storms are not common here.

Besides climate which could affect a wedding in Key West, something else to consider is venue. There are a variety of venues to choose from such as historic inns located in Old Town, modern resorts, restaurants right on the beach, and the more traditional churches, chapels and synagogues. There are many companies that specialize in wedding planning and most offer services no matter how small or large the wedding party. They plan weddings that are small, intimate gatherings to large parties where brides and grooms can invite all of their family and friends for a real destination wedding experience.

When couples and their friends and family are not busy with wedding plans, there are many attractions and lots of activities to take part in - both for those who love adventure and for those who like something a little more relaxing. Some things to do include dolphin encounters, watersports, eco-tours, diving, snorkeling, fishing anything you can possibly think to do on the water. The area also offers plenty of land activities such as shopping, museums, theaters, spas and golfing.

Key West has plenty of beautiful attractions and one cannot possibly think of Florida without thinking about palm trees. But besides palm trees, there are also bright red ginger blooms, pink ginger blooms, flame vines, powder puff blooms, bleeding hearts and orchids. The bright colors and vibrant plant life make for an even more beautiful wedding.

There are many annual events that take place in Key West throughout the year. This is important to remember because during some of the more popular events, reservations would have to be scheduled well in advance. This is especially true for larger wedding parties so the appropriate accommodations can be made. One of the most popular annual events is PrideFest which is typically held the first week in June. Other annual events include Bike Week in September, Cuban-American Heritage Festival in June, Hemingway Festival Days in July, Fantasy Fest in October and an annual songwriters festival held in early spring.

While the island is often thought of as a major tourist attraction, Key West has become a popular place for weddings and it is obvious to see why. It has everything one could ask for when planning their wedding - beauty, charm, romance, adventure, excitement, breathtaking scenery, perfect weather and wonderful people to ensure the best experience possible. In fact, the location just might be the key to a perfect wedding.