Annual Key West Craft Show

For the visitors looking to enjoy a Key West vacation and also have a love for going to sites like Pinterest, or love doing arts and crafts of their own, the perfect festival is right around the corner to attend. The Key West Craft Show has been around for years, and is a great opportunity to see what other crafters have come up with, while also supporting local economies and artists.

Just a hop, skip and a jump away, the Key West Annual Craft Show is hosted along Whitehead Street, where vendors will be set up along the streets. This is the perfect stroll for a craft show with visitors being able to stop between craft stands, restaurants, activities, and historical attractions such as the Audubon House, the Little White House, or the Butterfly Gardens.

The Key West Craft Show has grown enormously in popularity of the last couple of years, ringing in at over 25,000 visitors to the event in 2014. It is easily accessible and a popular choice by both locals and guests of Key West. This craft show is constant reminder of how creative our friends can be, and has shown us different trends of popular items of arts and crafts for over 30 years.

The craft show is usually held somewhere toward the end of January, and is the famous event that is sponsored by the Key West Art Center. It is said the craft show was created to enhance the Old Days Art Festival, which is usually held in February. And the Key West Craft show has recently announced that it has been recognized by the Sunshine Artists’ Magazine as one of the top 200 craft shows to attend in the United States!

Guests of the craft show are encouraged to bring home any pottery, fabrics, wood, glass, jewelry, and any other handmade item they come across that they would like to buy. The artists are generally excited to speak with anyone interested in their work, and it’s easy to tell they love talking about their favorite subject. If any visitors are planning on having a Key West vacation in January, it is highly recommended to swing through Whitehead and Caroline Street, to see such talented people from all over.

For more information on dates and times for the next event, visit the official Key West Craft Show website for the most up-to-date information, or learn how to sign up as a crafter.