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Key West Attractions and Things To Do in Key West

From top-notch sport fishing to shipwreck dive sites, the list of things to do in Key West seem endless! Our expert team of Key West locals is on-hand 365 days a year to help you decide which tours and activities are best for you! In addition to all the activities, Key West also has amazing world-class restaurants, local bar dives, classy lounges, eye-opening museums, and charming historic streets lined with exotic foliage and gorgeous Victorian mansions. There is a reason why Key West is one of Florida's top vacation destinations, and you will soon find out why!

Things to Do in Key West

There are plenty of things to do in Key West that involve staying on the island, and don’t involve getting in the water. Have you ever walked through a room full of butterflies? At the Butterfly Conservatory, you step into a wonderland full of whimsical feelings as butterfly pat you with their wings upon landing on you. This tour offers the chance to view hundreds of butterflies at once, and the money you pay for your ticket goes toward the commitment to wildlife preservation. If you’re looking for more eerie and strange things to do, then you’ve come to the right place. The Ripley’s Museum is the number one home to the weird, odd and astounding collection in the world. This Ripley’s Museum is fully air-conditioned for those too-hot-outside days to roam, and even has some of Ernest Hemingway’s belongings in there, such as his typewriter. Take it a step further and go with the Key West Ghost Tour. Key West is famous for it’s paranormal activity, eccentric residents, and odd stories. The best part about this tour is you can bring your drink (in a plastic cup, of course).

Fishing in Key West

Fishing in Key West has been the allure for many tourists over the last few centuries, and it’s not hard to see why. With the abundance of delicious choices of fish you could catch, like blackfin tuna, wahoo, and dolphin (Mahi Mahi), and the warm sun of the tropics, this is a top pick for things to do in Key West. Try the Coolcast tour for you and your group’s deep-sea or light tackle fishing cravings. If you want to venture more inland to the flats areas of the keys, try booking a trip with Chaser Key West for some good bone fishing. Captain Mike Wilbur knows the local waters like the back of his hand and will show you the ropes to nab a sport fish.

Perfect for Thrill Seekers

Looking to go home with some amazing stories to tell your friends and family? Like to scare yourself and push yourself to your limits? If the thought of jumping out of a plane and falling to the Earth’s surface at an accelerated rate sounds like an exciting feat, then skydiving is it for you. Skydiving is the most electrifying way to take in the gorgeous panoramic views of the coasts of the Florida Keys. If you want to take it down a notch, then might we suggest the Afternoon Parasail tour, and enjoy the views while gliding over the tropical waves. If you’re looking for a thrill in the water, then why not try the Shark Adventure. Get a close encounter with some of the ocean’s top predator, including the bull and hammerhead sharks, aboard the Tiger Catamaran.

Getting Around Key West

Key West has plenty of ways to get around, but if you want to get around by yourself, be prepared. There is not a whole lot of available parking, and it would be best to just rent a scooter or an electric car. The electric cars come with different seating packages, so you can hold the how crew. The scooter is the perfect way to get around if it is just you and another person roaming the streets of Key West.

Key West Vacation Tour Guide

If you’re still having a hard time deciding, or if you want to see all of your options of things to do in Key West, check out our things to do in Key West page to get a better understanding of all the choices you have for your vacation.

Featured Things to do in Key West

  • Ocean Vue Snorkel and Dolphin Encounter

    Ocean Vue Snorkel and Dolphin Encounter

    Are you seeking a vacation full of both relaxation and adventure? Look no further than the Ocean Vue - a unique experience on the waters of Key West that you will never forget!

    • 9:00 AM12:00 PM3:00 PM
    • Per Person $ 10900 Children (5 - 12) $ 8900

    Best Price

    $ 10900
  • Yankee Freedom Dry Tortugas Ferry

    Yankee Freedom Dry Tortugas Ferry

    Located 70 miles west of Key West, the Dry Tortugas National Park is a wildlife refuge like no other. Here, you will be out in the middle of the ocean, civilization well behind you. The trip includes snorkeling gear, breakfast, buffet style lunch, and a guided tour of the fort.

    • 8:00 AM
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    Best Price

    $ 17000
  • Jet Ski Island Tour

    Jet Ski Island Tour

    If you are looking for a heart-pumping adventure into the back country waters of Key West, join us for this thrilling jest ski expedition. This guided tour makes plenty of stops for sightseeing, some drinks at a coastal cantina, swimming or nature observation of local species like dolphins, marine turtles, and sea birds.

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    Special Offer

    $ 11000

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