Mallory Square

Mallory Square is a Key West specialty that every visitor should see. It provides a daily, spectacular view and show of the sunset, to which locals will give a standing ovation to. Mallory Square is a hard area to miss, and everyone is free to roam wherever they’d like around the plaza. Located in front of old town and next to the port for all the cruise ships to dock, and at the very end of Duval, and to the West. It couldn’t be easier to find while wandering on a Key West vacation.

Mallory Square has been the location of the famous “Sunset Celebration” since it’s first appearance in the 1960’s. There are no official stories around of how this became a nightly special in Key West, but we think it went something like this, “Let’s go watch the sunset from the best seat in the house, at Mallory Square.” Over the years, the Sunset Celebration has attracted thousands of talented acrobats, and artists over the years, who perform for the 2 hours before the sunset gradually disappears into the Gulf of Mexico.

Visitors get to watch their kids’ faces light up in the magic of watching some of these performers live in action. Over the years, there has been magicians, jugglers, artists, psychics, musicians, acrobats and animal trainers performing each night to entertain and do what they love to do the most. Food vendors are a tasty treat if looking for something to munch on during the shows. With such an array of different cultures, visitors could have their choice of a greek gyro or some delish, locally made conch fritters.

The entertainers start to wind down as the sun begins to set so everyone will turn their attention to it. Visitors from all over the world will watch the sunset that has been admired by so many before them, including the adoration of Mark Twain and Tennessee Williams. Few places in the world can create such an inspiration, and gives people the chance to slow down and appreciate the small things in life. It’s a moment that visitors and locals can connect with each other, and take a step back from the real world and just absorb the moment of life. It truly is an amazing moment to see, and we think it’s one of the many places to see and one of the many things to do in Key West that everyone should do.

To learn more about the Sunset Celebration of Mallory Square, and for the sunset time, go to the Mallory Square Sunset Celebration website.